Accessori Val Vibrata - Accessories for Clothing, Leather & Footwear.



Accessori Val Vibrata s.r.l. boasts en excellent production department:
our product are created by skilled designer and made by technicians with many years of experience. Together with the support of external highly qualified laboratories we ensure total flexibility for any kind of customer’s requests.

The design phase is customized thanks to a teamwork between our designers and our customer.

We offer free consulation and design support to our customer since the beginning of our business relationship.


  • Brass with numerical control machines;
  • Zama printed in die;
  • Cutting and laser engraving;
  • studs and thermo-adhesive applications;
  • High relief;
  • Various perforations;
  • embroidery;
  • Manually assembled products.

The main processing stages, from market research to quality control, are carried out internally, We always pay attention to details to satisfy our customer’s needs. In this way he will have items which are completely personalized and unique..